Seasonal Transitions!

An autumn creek up North Fork Trask

An autumn creek up North Fork Trask


This is the time of year where the visitor numbers to the Tillamook Coast tend to wane a little in comparison to the barrage of guests we are used to accommodating during the on-season.  Though many tend to think our Tillamook Coast can be a gloomy set of months when the leaves aren’t showing and the skies are grey, but from the perspective of someone who’s lived here for many many years can say, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

We here on the coast are a sturdy breed, the onslaught of torrential downpour, towering and thunderous waves and a tumultuous sky all make for a visually interesting and downright extreme environ to reside within, and certainly one worth a visit if you’ve never seen it before.  The storm-season is without a doubt something to behold as wave watching, mushroom hunting, birding, hunting, fishing, shellfish harvesting, bundled beach walks, and that’s just to name a few things to do.

Anderson Viewpoint during a winter storm!

Anderson Viewpoint during a winter storm!

Don’t let the look of our skies scare you, they are truly a thing to behold as they course in from southern warmer sections of the great Pacific Ocean.  Whatever fits your fancy maybe consider checking out the Tillamook Coast in the off-season, you might find yourself and the entire family happily surprised!

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