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About Us

Tillamook Eco Adventures, LLC. was founded by Brian Cameron, in March of 2012.

Having nearly 30 years of experience in the Tillamook County area and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest, Brian Cameron created Tillamook Eco Adventures, LLC. to fill the need of the burgeoning eco-tourism Industry that inherently comes with being in the State of Oregon.

“With great population comes great responsibility.” Through that it is under the pretexts of Tillamook Eco Adventures to show people the sights and sounds of Tillamook County through as little impact as possible while maintaining a competitive image and feel so visitors can have the utmost experience when seeing the area!

Tillamook Eco Adventures takes visitors to see the sights, sounds and indeed smells of Tillamook County. We provide half-day and all-day tour experiences that comprise a number of sites and themes within the communities that dot the local landscape!

Tours offer an array of options that span from back-country forest tours, beach and bay interpretive hikes, waterfall tours, local dairy tours, brewery and winery tours, and also collaboration between other local eco-tourism ventures such as Kayak Tillamook.

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